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Subject: 1.becca1
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titch.x 8.02.15 - 12:05pm
Afta told that ppl think they are fake they deleted most of pics claimed bexy j won't there kik name as there no spaces and also claim not to use it til I'd said saw a screen shot then suddenly they have kik but only to talk to two ppl yet deletes most pics frm group and the pic used on kik from profile also very b*tchy regaurdin it never wants to talk to ppl on phn and also then blockd me for saying ppl after findin out if it a man or not just afta bein nasty in msgs anyone else find them strange feel free to comment *

evaped 8.02.15 - 01:57pm
There is also a 1becca.1. Wonder if same person? *

titch.x 8.02.15 - 02:15pm
Details match x *

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